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Primal Instinct Pheromone Cologne
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Pheromone Cologne Primal Instinct PheromonesAndrostenone is the male human pheromone that helps attract women. The male human pheromone scent, when detected by women, is quite possibly the most powerful attractant that a man can present in his quest to attract or seduce a woman.

Male human pheromones are the real key to if you want to get girls. You can blend the Androstenone human pheromones with your favorite cologne to produce a cologne odor that will attract women. Primal Instinct is the top male human pheromone product on the market today, and it works well alone or mixed with your favorite cologne.
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A human pheromone scent
Primal Instinct Pheromone Cologne is a concentrated formula made up of the male pheromone Androstenone. Androstenone is the key pheromone from men that stimulates sexual attraction in women. The Androstenone pheromone cologne concentrate in Primal Instinct is the highest level concentration of male pheromones available in any pheromone cologne product available.

When it comes to the attraction game, pheromone cologne from Primal Instinct can't be beat. Guys will spend outrageous amounts of money in the hopes of gaining any kind of advantage to help in the quest. Clothes, shoes, and cologne are just a few examples of things guys spend money on to try to get girls.

Pheromone Cologne
One of the most successful seduction techniques for any guy is to mix the pheromone cologne with their favorite cologne to form the ultimate female sexual attractant. Using this powerful pheromone cologne can produce results that can only be classified as astounding.

Pheromone Research
Studies indicate that women find pheromone colognes like Primal Instinct irresistible. The natural chemical attraction is too powerful to dismiss. Since the pheromones incite a sexual attraction that is subconscious, it is that much more powerful. Women will not only feel more sexual attraction, but they report (in controlled studies) that they also feel more relaxed and experience better moods when subjected to the pheromone scent.

Primal Instinct - a natural pheromone scent.

Primal Instinct Pheromones
Primal Instinct male pheromone cologne can give any guy an unfair advantage when on the hunt for Ms. Right or Ms. Right Now. So before spending tons of money on new fashions, body sprays, colognes, or whatever else, why not add the super-concentrated female attracting power of Androstenone male hormones to your arsenal.

Why Use Primal Instinct Pheromone Cologne?
Attract Women
  • Pheromone Cologne by Primal is the highest concentrated pheromone cologne on the market
  • Primal Instinct pheromone cologne will help you attract the women of your dreams
  • Women cannot resist the scent of pheromone cologne by Primal Instinct
  • Primal Instinct pheromone cologne is guaranteed to work or your money back
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The male human pheromone scent
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Pheromones are the key to good chemistry between people. Human pheromones are truly the way to subliminal seduction and can help you more than all the dating advice in the world. Pheromones can help boost your confidence and feel more comfortable around others, especially in situations where you are looking to pick up or hook up with someone.
Seduce Women
Primal Pheromone Cologne

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