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Playing a vital role in all life forms, communication is an indispensable and integral part of existence. It can be classified into either verbal or non-verbal communication. Examples of the latter include the chemical association between substances that trigger specific physiologic reactions in men and women called pheromones. Using this concept, men found a new way to attract women using pheromone products such as cologne. But how do they work? Let's learn more about pheromones first.

Pheromones otherwise known as ectohormones are naturally occurring chemicals that serve to convey certain messages, thereby triggering behavioral responses in members of the same species. For instance, bees make use of alarm pheromones to inform other bees of perceived dangers to their hives. Ants make use of food trail pheromones to leave trails for other ants to follow in the direction of detected food sources.

In humans, pheromones are secreted by apocrine glands which develop during puberty and can be commonly found in the underarms, nipples, genital regions, lips, eyelids and the external ear area. These odorous substances are detected through the sense of olfaction and can be used to attract or activate the sexual drive of another person. The Vomeronasal organ, located at the base of the nasal cavity, serves to detect pheromones. This is how pheromones work to transmit messages between men and women which can be maximized by using pheromone products.

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In lower forms of mammals, behavioral changes are triggered by pheromones that cause female animals to bend their back to initiate sexual contact. Humans also experience behavioral changes when subjected to pheromone exposure, but what sets us apart from other mammals is our capability to resist these impulses as desired; even if physiologic changes occur, we always have control over our behavioral reactions.

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To optimally understand how pheromones are used by men to attract women, we also need to know the fact how humans will cope over animalistic instincts, that is although we are affected by pheromones to some extent we are not right away affected by drives or desires triggered in us because we are more rational forms of mammals.

Pheromones are also known to affect how we are perceived by other people. Typically, pheromones produced by males convey their dominant and masculine aura. On the other hand, pheromones in women communicate their cooperative and submissive nature. Another example is women living together who have coordinated menstrual periods as a result of pheromone interaction. Therefore, pheromones indeed play a vital role for men to attract women, or vice versa. People who don't even know that these chemical messengers exist think that there's some kind of mysterious or magical thing going on with them when exposed to pheromones of other people.

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In this regard, pheromone products have been developed to help men and women optimize attraction between one another. Top rated and popular pheromone products come in the form of perfumes or gels, or supplements. Perfumes, colognes, sprays and gels are widely used because they are convenient to use and can be applied anytime and anywhere you want. However, new pheromone products in the form of pills have been developed; they contain herbal supplements that stimulate pheromone production. Whatever pheromone products you may have in mind, be sure to check reviews from consumers for you to make an informed decision.

Pheromones have been created by nature as a means for nonverbal communication and so we should make the most of them through pheromone products that improve the way we convey ourselves to the opposite sex.

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